Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) is an independent Tanzanian non-profit organization that provides grants and capacity building services to civil society organizations (CSOs) so as to enhance their effectiveness in enabling engagement of citizens in development processes. It was established by development stakeholders in Tanzania. Click here to learn more.

Since our founding in 1971, much has changed at Pact. When we began, we were a membership organization for U.S. nonprofits working to turn the tables for the world’s most disadvantaged. Our mission was to help our members better serve people in need by building their self-help capacity and improving social and economic conditions. Through the years, our top priorities were health care and neglected groups, such as women. Two decades later, we became an independent organization, and since then, we have vastly expanded our geographic reach, our practice areas and our impact. Visit the website to learn

Freedom House is the oldest American organization devoted to the support and defense of democracy around the world. It was formally established in New York in 1941 to promote American involvement in World War II and the fight against fascism.

From the beginning, Freedom House was notable for its bipartisan support. Freedom House’s founders were prominent and influential leaders from the fields of business and labor, journalism, academia, and government. A central figure among its early leaders was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Wendell Willkie, the Republican presidential nominee who ran against President Roosevelt in 1940, was also an ardent supporter and served as honorary co-chair along with Mrs. Roosevelt.

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