Background Information: 

Pemba Association for Civil Society Organization (PACSO) is an umbrella organization established in 2004 and registered under the Zanzibar Societies Act no 6, of 1995 on 30th May, 2005 with registration no. 357. The organization works at Pemba Island with primary objective of build capacity of CSO’s of Pemba to work effective and efficiently according to its established objectives and to help Government in its work of improve the economy of its citizen through its plan 2025 and SDG’s. It was established by 20 member organizations and therefore set the record of being the first NGOs network in Pemba.


PACSO envision to have vibrant, effective, and accountable members working towards sustainable development and to improve the lively hood of the Pemba community.



To work with civil societies in Pemba by strengthening PACSO management and its member’s capacity on information sharing, lobbying and advocacy, networking, research, engagement in policy and budget processes and programming in order to contribute to poverty reduction and good governance in Zanzibar




PACSO work in cooperation with its member organizations to facilitate sustainable development of CSOs so as to support the provision and delivery of the social and economic services and promotes good governance for the well-being of all Pemba’s.  In doing so PACSO will encourage close collaboration, alliance and partnership building with other organizations and network with similar objectives and interest so as to bring the wide impact to the people they serve and the community as a whole. 

In order to work smoothly, and with efficiently, the organization established and implementing different policies that is; financial policy, Corruption policy, gender policy and human resources policy.


  • Coordinate Civil Society Organization in Pemba Island
  • Build cooperation and development amongst non-governmental organization, community, National and International organizations
  • Act as platform for collecting, analysing and dissemination of the information that could help to meet the objectives and purpose of the NGO’s members as well as exchanging information with other stakeholders
  • To work with other CSO’s for mutual benefits
  • To monitor implementation and principle of cultural accountability within CSO’s to ensure accountability, efficiency and effectiveness so as to meet the organization objectives
  • To provide capacity building skills to NGO members


PACSO implement different programmes and project since they established, among them;

  • Peace platform, awareness for PACSO members for four Districts of Pemba, the project funded by Foundation for Civil Society, Dar es Salaam
  • Climate change adaptation project, which were funded by Foundation for Civil Society of Dar es Salaam
  • Public expenditure Trucking system, implemented at two Districts of Pemba South Region, that is Wete and Micheweni. The project funded also by Foundation for Civil Society of Dar es Salaam
  • Civic Education, implemented at four Districts of Pemba that Wete, Micheweni, Chake and Mkoani. The project funded by European Union, through Zanzibar Non-state Actors Support Program (ZANSAP)